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Your Next Career Move

Figuring out what to do next in your career: the age-old inquiry.

There are lots of reasons to bring you there.

It’s possible that you hate your job, but you have no idea what to do about it. Wait out … Read More

How to Find a Coach

As a friend said to me recently, it seems like everyone and their neighbor is a life coach these days. So one option is to throw a dart and hire the person you just mortally wounded. I wouldn’t, though. Chemistry … Read More

Coaching? Therapy? DIY Self-Help?

What’s the right intervention?

You’re in a situation. You know something’s not working. You’re feeling stuck and hitting a wall. Frustrating. So, what are your options? Seek a coach? Seek a therapist? Try one more thing? How do … Read More

Figuring Out What To Do

Starting today (why today? Because it occurred to me just this morning, that’s why today), I’ll address one self-development topic per week that I find interesting or timely or otherwise useful to my vast and adoring fanbase. Some introductions and … Read More

Optimism is a form of resistance

New post alert: at that there other place where I also write,, I’ve shared my thoughts on how and why optimism is a form of resistance. I’d love for you to head over!

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Stuff I have to say

Sometimes urgent, sometimes not, always freshest in my mind…

I’ll soon start posting here, but in the meantime, you can read what I have to say at my Vega Mala Consulting blog.

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