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Considering a Career Transition?

Friends, I am gobbling up the election results, so my offering tonight will be abridged. I’ll add more detail in the days and weeks to come…

So you’ve decided you need a job change—you hate your current job, or you have … Read More

What To Expect From Coaching

I’m gonna get super serious here, and talk about what to expect from coaching with me.

As a member of the International Coach Federation, I take their principles very seriously. First and foremost: confidentiality. I will maintain the confidentiality of everything … Read More

Hire a Coach? Why Would I Hire a Coach?

For some people, it’s still weird to consider hiring a coach. You know what? Hire a coach anyway.

There are people in many (most? all?) of our lives who disapprove of the idea of hiring a coach. Mom. BFF. Spouse. … Read More

Coaching? Therapy? DIY Self-Help?

What’s the right intervention?

You’re in a situation. You know something’s not working. You’re feeling stuck and hitting a wall. Frustrating. So, what are your options? Seek a coach? Seek a therapist? Try one more thing? How do … Read More

Figuring Out What To Do

Starting today (why today? Because it occurred to me just this morning, that’s why today), I’ll address one self-development topic per week that I find interesting or timely or otherwise useful to my vast and adoring fanbase. Some introductions and … Read More